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How Safe Is Your Password?

Tuesday, 29 Jan 2013, by

Take measures to protect your online security by selecting passwords that are challenging to others yet memorable for you. Here are some considerations: 

1. Don’t use personal information. 

People around you may be aware of your pet’s name or favorite sport’s team, so these aren’t wise choices. Likewise, with the amount of information online—think about your Facebook page— criminals can make good guesses. Also skip your address, phone number and, by all means, your Social Security number. 

New Year, New Goals

Tuesday, 1 Jan 2013, by

Could 2013 be the year when you get that long-awaited promotion or brand yourself as indispensable to your current employer? Take your career to a new level by developing strategies for turning resolutions into results.

Know what you want

What, specifically, is the end goal? A higher salary? Greater responsibility? A more pleasant work environment? Pinpoint what you would like to achieve, and put it in writing so that it becomes more than a pipe dream.

Health Corner: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in the Workplace

Saturday, 1 Dec 2012, by

For peace of mind, many people double-check that a door is locked before heading off to work or proofread a report one extra time before submitting it to a boss. For the esti­mated 3.3 million American adults diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder, how­ever, such safety measures go beyond simple reassurance. They feel compelled to repeat the task, even when they know that doing so is making them late and that rechecking is senseless.

What is OCD?

Create and Optimize Graphics with Ease

Saturday, 1 Dec 2012, by

Have you ever needed to create a graphic from a screen shot or optimize a large image down to a smaller size for email or a presentation? You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create and edit simple graphics. Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a free tool already installed on your computer that makes it simple to create, edit, resize, crop and more.

You can find Picture Manager by searching in your Windows search bar or by navigating on your Start menu to All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tools.

Bouncing Back from a Bad Review

Saturday, 1 Dec 2012, by

Performance reviews can evoke a range of emotions, whether it’s the hope of a bonus or a promotion or anxiety of hear­ing how you stack up to others. When your review includes a less-than-stellar assess­ment of your role, constructive criticism is hard to digest. Here’s how to bounce back from a poor performance review:

Put the purpose in perspective

Test Your Writing Skills

Saturday, 1 Dec 2012, by

Many people use “that” and “which” interchangeably, but the words have different grammatical meanings. Here’s the basic rule of thumb: You use “that” for clauses that are imperative to the sentences, whereas “which” is for phrases and clauses that aren’t essential and usually just serve descriptive purposes.

1. Offices (that/which) recycle help the environment.

2. The new copier—(that/which) was just delivered last week—is already broken.

3. Software programs (that/which) help with editing images are often expensive.

Productivity Tip of the Week

Saturday, 1 Dec 2012, by

No matter how efficiently you usu­ally work or how much you enjoy your job, there will inevitably be times when you're stuck in a rut, can’t seem to get motivated and work at a slow pace.

For the sake of your productivity (not to mention your job security), it’s important that you snap out of this slump as quickly as possible. If you feel discouraged because you’ve fallen behind, it might be helpful to make a catch-up list of tasks you can accomplish quickly to give yourself a morale boost.

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